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Archive for February, 2019

Cara Cara’s

The Cara Cara is also known as the pink navel. It is very sweet and usually seedless. The season starts in November and can go as long as March depending on the weather.  All citrus at the beginning of their season will be a little tart and the flavor will only improve as the sugars continue to develop.  We are now at the peak of flavor!

Cara Cara (1)

Warmer Weather Brings Aphids

High temperatures and humidity for an extended period of time create the perfect conditions for aphids and mildew quality issues.  This week temperatures in the California desert regions moved into the high 70’s and 80’s and all desert vendors are seeing increasing mildew and aphid pressure on warm veg items including broccoli, cabbage, kale and lettuce.

Aphids love the heat and humidity and it is almost impossible to control organically. We see this happen with organic produce every year when it gets too hot towards the end of February in the California desert and again during the warm summer months in the Salinas Valley.

Organic growers do their best to combat aphids. We asked a few of our growers what they do to control aphids. Lakeside Organics uses a lot of beneficial predatory bugs like lady bugs who love to eat Aphids.  Josie’s Organics plant beneficial flowers to attract good bugs to mitigate pressure from unwanted bugs (in this case, aphids) and implements a healthy crop rotation. Many growers, especially strawberry growers’ use a bug vacuum designed to suck up the aphids right out of their fields.

We will see quality issues continue for a while and prices rise as supplies tighten up. We will continue to share updates as the season progresses.

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 25, 2019

Roads in Washington have cleared and we now have plenty of Fuji, Gala, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp and Granny Smith. Fruit coming out of Controlled Atmosphere has high color, very good pressures and excellent flavor. All these varieties are at promotable prices. Jazz, Pacific Rose, Envy, Piñata and Opal are also in good supply and at promotable prices.






It’s Snowing In Arizona and at the Mexican Border!

As I type this update on Friday afternoon about the northern Mexico growing regions receiving frost this week we just got word that the Mexican/Nogales border is closed due to snow!
This extreme cold weather is very usual at this time of year. A combination of cold weather and the border being closed will tighten up supply of warm veg items including zucchini, green beans, brussels sprouts, peppers, romas and heirloom tomatoes. Your Earl’s Sales rep will update you on supply throughout the week.

Live Cam Mexican border at Nogales closed due to snow Feb 22, 2019 11am

Live Cam Mexican border at Nogales closed due to snow Feb 22, 2019 11am

Asparagus Update:

The asparagus growing regions of San Luis Colorado, close to the border of Yuma/Az and Caborca, Sonora have been experiencing rainy, windy and cold days with temperatures down in the mid- 20’s at night leading to a start and stop situation. Growers have had to knock all the misshapen spears down and start again. Keep in mind that asparagus is cut every day and the same crown will produce a different product each time they harvest because they are grown in a different environment.


Fremont Mandarin

Fremont Mandarins are a cross of the Clementine and the Ponkan Mandarin varieties. The skin is brilliant dark orange, smooth and easy to remove. The flesh has few seeds and a lot of juice, and tastes
intensely sweet with some acid. Grown in San Diego County.

Fremont Cut


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