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Archive for March, 2018

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes March 23rd

What makes Rainbow Valley Orchards Grapefruit so special?  Read the full grower profile and get your fruit and vegetable update on Earl’s weekly Buyer’s Notes.





Spring Berries

As we all know, one of the great things about spring is that it brings with it a number of holidays, such as President’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. Easter is two weeks early this year and berries, in particular strawberries, are always top of mind for the popular holiday. The winter weather patterns at this time of year create a lot of dynamics around marketing. On the east coast Georgia and Florida berries have been affected by the weather and the rain and cool weather out on the west coast has interrupted the California berry production, which puts more pressure on supplies out of Mexico.

As I write this the key berry growing regions on the central coast of California that have been producing such great strawberries and blueberries this spring are being hit with a whopper of a winter storm. Heavy rains in areas recently ravaged by fires are evacuating in case of extreme flooding and mudslides. We encourage you to continue to support California growers in these areas, giving them the help they need through the power of the purchase.

Easter Strawberry Forecast:
The great news is that Earl’s Organic has been sourcing strawberries all spring from the Baja region and the quality of this berry continues to be strong. We will have promotable volumes of strawberries for the time period leading up to Easter. Expect to see good supply and very reasonable pricing.

Gaviota Strawberries resized

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes March 17th

It looks like next week is the end of the tumultuous and wet weather for California Asparagus. In the meantime, we continue to get product from Coastal View Produce in Gonzales. Love asparagus? Don’t miss the annual Asparagus Festival in Stockton April 20th-  22nd. http://www.sanjoaquinasparagusfestival.net/ Earls_BuyersNotes_0317182-1



California avocado season is off to a great start

California avocado season is off to a great start and if you haven’t made the change now is the time! The season starts off in San Diego County and moves north. It will take longer for the California avocado to ripen at the beginning of the season. We continue to pre-condition avocados but buyer beware that it is our experience that it is taking about a week for the California avocados to ripen up this time of year.

Weather update!  With the possibility of rains this week, we may see availability challenges as we move into the weekend. Stay tuned for updates.

Avocado pic Jennifer bought

Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges are packed with vitamin C, carotenoids and are high in potent antioxidant properties. The red flesh color varies in intensity depending on the variety, location where the trees are grown and the degree of fruit maturity. Hot days and cold nights are needed to bring out the best flavors in blood oranges. The red blush on the outside of the fruit is because of the sun and not related to the red color of the flesh. Fruit that is exposed more to the sun on one part of the tree will have more of a blush color on the skin which will become darker later in the season if left on the tree longer. Eat them out of hand, juice for a healthy beverage or invite your friends over for a cocktail party. Mix with vodka or mezcal and add a few drops of your favorite bitters. I like Polynesian Kiss from El Guapo Bitters How do you like to eat your blood oranges? #passion4organic #followtheflavor

Blood Orange Juice with an array of oranges


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