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Earl’s Produce Buyer’s Notes Week of July 10th

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Burkart Fruit Picked for Optimum Flavor

Now is the time to take advantage of Burkart stone fruit! Picked at optimum maturity with the highest sugar levels, Burkart stone fruit has outstanding flavor and is a real crowd pleaser! Burkart grows high-quality organic stone fruit on 65 acres near Dinuba along the northern border of Tulare County about four hours south of San Francisco. One of the advantages of working with small growers like Burkart, is that they spend extra time focusing on the quality of the stone fruit, going through their orchard and doing several picks of each variety. Many larger growers will go through the orchard two times and do a strip pick to get all the fruit as opposed to selecting fruit that is at optimum maturity for peak flavor.

Inspect the stem end of a Burkart yellow peach and you will often see more color than fruit from other orchards. The full color is an indication of maturity that translates into superior flavor. Richard Burkart is now on his fourth pick of the Diamond Princess and he expects to be out in the orchard picking two more times. Now is the time to enjoy the flavor of this delicious yellow peach!


Stone Fruit Market Update:
This year overall yellow and white peach volume is down 15% from last year. This can be attributed to the cold and rainy weather we experienced during the bloom season, which affected the pollination. The bees cannot pollinate the trees in that weather, resulting in a smaller crop. On the plus side since the tree is not burdened with a heavy crop, the fruit on the tree is sizing up to be larger this year. With a smaller set of fruit, the tree is able to put more energy into the fruit it does have, producing less volume with larger fruit.

Next week we will have an explosion of stone fruit from Burkart. Look for Grand Pearl and Majestic Pearl (sizing up large to 42/44ct and 48/50ct!) white nectarines, Honey Royal and Summer Bright yellow nectarines and Summer Sweet White Peaches. All varieties will be free stone except for the white nectarine pearl varieties. Free stone fruit falls away easily from the pit versus cling stone varieties where the fruit clings to the pit.

Ask your Earl’s Sales Representative about promotable volumes.

Earl’s Produce Buyer’s Notes Week of July 3rd

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July 3 Page 2

July 3 Page 3

Tutti Frutti Heirloom Tomatoes

Now is the start of the season for Tutti Frutti’s heirloom tomatoes. For over 25 years Cadwell has specialized in beautiful streaked, striped and unique shaped heirloom tomatoes. Cherokee Purple, Marvel Stripe, Brandywine and Chocolate Stripe are just a few of the varieties now available from Earl’s Organic.  The season is just ramping up and we can expect to see more varieties as the season peaks.

Tutti Frutti Heirloom Tomatoes June 15, 2017


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