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Earl’s Produce Buyer’s Notes Week of May 29th

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California Avocado Prices Continue to Rise

California avocado prices continue to slowly rise even after the Cinco de Mayo holiday.  The demand continues to be strong but the California crop is 30%-40% less than 2016 due to numerous factors.  A heat event in June 2016 damaged a good portion of this year’s set. Additionally avocados are alternate bearing and this is a lower volume year due to the natural rhythm of crop cycles. Let’s also not forget the last 5 years of drought. All of these events are leading to an early finish to the California season.

Avocado harvest varies based off of location and also by each season and year. Typically the season will begin in February/March in San Diego County regions, followed by harvest moving north into Santa Barbara in June/July and ending further up the coast in Cayucos later in the summer and fall. Harvest volume varies each season, along with different start and end dates by region. In past years, the California avocado season has gone as late into the year as November/December, but this year we expect California production and harvest to end within the next few months, expecting supply to decrease as early as July.

It is the standard practice every season to size pick early on to relieve pressure/burden on the trees. The largest fruit also gets the best price and most small sized fruit continues to grow and becomes larger. At this time of the year with the season ending sooner than normal, all of the sizes are being picked. Therefore we are seeing more 84ct avocados this year than in year’s past. Don’t miss out on our great price on Hass Avocado 84ct on Earl’s Weekly Specials. 

The good news is that there is a high chance we will have a shot at avocados from Central California at the end of the summer. According to one of our growers in the Cayucos region, they expect to have avocados from August to October or until they run out of fruit. They are attributing more water this winter as one of the reasons for a healthy crop. Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer.

Challenge your avocado knowledge!

How many weeks does it take to for an avocado to grow to the next size? (Check for answer below the photo)

Jesse from Traceland Avocados

Jesse from Traceland Organic Avocados


6 weeks

Earl’s Produce Buyer’s Notes Week of May 22nd

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Earl’s Produce Buyer’s Notes Week of May 15th

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Earl’s Produce Buyer’s Notes Week of May 8th

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