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Archive for October, 2016

Johnston Family Organics

“We want to live in an environment that is not clouded with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers,” says Ian Johnston. The Johnston Family is passionate about growing organically and giving people a choice in how their food is produced.

Ian and Sylvia Johnston live and work on their home ranch in Woodland, California, about a half hour south of Sacramento in Yolo County.  Running the farm is a family business and their son John helps to run the day to day operations.  Most of their 220 acre farm is devoted to growing organic Butternut, Spaghetti, Delicata and Acorn Squash. When asked why they grow in Woodland Ian answers “The nice long hot summer days and delta breeze in the evening making for cool evening and night time temperatures, allows the plants to stay in the optimal temperature range for optimal growth.”

Butternut Squash

For Ian, Sylvia, John, and their full time employees farming is not a job, it is a way of life. They do whatever they need to do to get the job done. “Unfortunately plants grow on their own schedule. They don’t care if it is Sunday or a holiday.  When they need something done you have to get it done then so the plants thrive. We all spend a lot of time together producing the products for the market. We take it very serious that our name gives customers the sense of truth that our product has been grown to the utmost standards,” says Ian.

The Johnston’s are always looking for ways to farm sustainably. Their tractors are equipped with GPS guidance to maximize driver performance, reduce fuel usage and minimize their carbon foot print; they irrigate with buried drip tape to be the most efficient with their water, use beneficial insect predators to keep insect pressure down and generate all energy used for their house and shop from solar panels.

The Johnston’s enjoy conquering challenges and every day farming is different and every year gives different growing conditions.  “The satisfaction of facing a challenge and overcoming it is what fuels us to make ourselves better growers every day.”

Organic produce from the Johnston Family “Is truly from our family to yours,” says Ian.

October Is Fair Trade Month

Join us as we celebrate Fair Trade month with Coliman Fair Trade Organic Bananas on special for the whole month of October!  

Buying Fair Trade products ensures that farm workers enjoy sustainable wages, safe working conditions and improves their community by collectively investing in social and business projects such as providing health care, scholarships and leadership training.

Coliman’s Fair Trade Commitment: “Quality and service is our core belief and value while caring for our people and land. Our Fair Trade certification shows our customers that we care about fairness, justice and integrity for our workers, sustainable development, and that being a socially responsible company is an important part of our business and philosophy. Our goal is to provide only the best fresh bananas in the marketplace while ensuring that the teams of workers in the field can earn a decent and dignified livelihood, but more importantly, live a just and dignified life for them and their family.”

Fair Trade month comes just once a year but Coliman bananas are Organic Fair Trade all year long.


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