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Archive for May, 2015

California Blueberries Peak

California is in the peak of the blueberry season for our Southern and Central California growers. We are starting to see pack sizes increase from 6oz to pints and even extra-large 18oz clamshells. These larger packs reflect the abundant supply of the California blueberry crop. Now is the time to enjoy the bounty of California blueberries! More configurations at the retail level mean more choices for your customer and have been proven to generate more sales.  Whether you add them to your morning yogurt, toss them in a fruit salad, eat them fresh out of hand or freeze for smoothies, the ways to devour your blueberries are endless. One of my favorite recipes is for blueberry pie. It is extra delicious served cold with organic heavy cream drizzled on top. Please share your favorite recipes on our Facebook wall.

Forbidden blues in OctBlueberry Pie



Burkart Peaches

Sweet and juicy peaches arriving by the pallet every day from Burkart Orchards.  Burkart grows high-quality organic stone fruit on 65 acres near Dinuba along the northern border of Tulare County about 4 hours south of San Francisco.

Richard Burkart, along with many growers, spends extra time focusing on the quality of his stone fruit.  In order to ensure he is getting the ripest fruit, Richard makes several picks of each variety in the orchard to get the fruit at their optimum ripeness with the highest sugar levels for shipping.

Burkart Peaches 700 resized


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