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Archive for November, 2013

Mexican Warm Veg Season Has Begun

We are about 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving and our transition to Mexican warm veg has begun. We can expect a full range of organic veg including brussels sprouts, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, various squash varieties, peppers and tomatoes.  During the months of March-May we will also see a variety of melons coming out of Mexico.

Our major strategic partner is Covilli, located inland from the picturesque beaches of Guaymas, Mexico.  Earl’s has worked with Covilli for over 16 years and last year we strengthened our relationship by becoming their exclusive Bay Area representative. We are excited to be working with such an incredible grower and to bring you the best in warm veg during the off season.

5 Pound Boxes of Side Hill Citrus Satsumas Are Here!

We just received the personal sized 5 pound boxes of Side Hill Citrus Satsuma Mandarins in Lincoln, CA. Grown just north of Sacramento, the smaller Satsumas are a little harder to peel but we feel they are sweeter! They are the perfect size to give as a gift and there is no need to wrap. The stylish boxes can be given on their own or with a simple bow on top.  Or keep it for yourself.  I like to juice my Satsumas for smoothies and cocktails. Try infusing the peels in a bottle of organic vodka for 7-10 days and then mix with Satusma juice.  My personal favorite winter cocktail is to juice a few Satsumas for a clove scented Side Car.

Side Hill Satsuma 5# box (4)

A 2008 U.S. Department of Agriculture study said Satsumas have six to seven times as much synephrine, a natural decongestant, as other citrus. Four or five Satsumas have enough synephrine to equal the effect of a Sudafed tablet, the study said. Satsumas are also naturally low in calories and a single fruit contains 34 percent of the USDA daily recommendation for vitamin C.

Side Hill satsumas cropped

So whether you are eating your Satusmas for health reasons or holiday party reasons we encourage you to enjoy Side Hill Citrus Satsumas until the season is over. Depending on the weather the season could go through December.

California Avocado Update

As we head into November, 99% of the California avocado growers will be finishing up.  Earl’s received our last pallet of California avocados this week. Sad, but true, the California avocado crop is really coming to an end until next year. Sometimes we are fortunate and California avocados will go year round but this year they stop now.

Beware of the origin of your avocado when you are out grocery shopping.  The late season California avocado will ripen quickly with high oil and incredible flavor, while the Mexican avocado will ripen slower but will develop better flavor as the season goes on. You may see avocados being sourced from Peru and Chile but Earl’s will only be carrying the Mexican avocado. Earl’s loves avocados as you know so you can count on us for updates as the seasons continue to move.

Avocado hass


Satsumas Are Early This Year

Satsumas from Side Hill Citrus in Lincoln, California started two weeks early this year. For the first fruit of the season they already have full color with virtually no green and great flavor. We are not exactly sure why the flavor is so developed this early in the season but we won’t complain! We have found the smaller pieces of fruit are more consistent in their flavor although they are not as easy to peel.  As the season progresses we can look forward to even more delectable fruit.

Satsuma boxes cropped

San Francisco Produce Market Expansion Begins

The official groundbreaking took place this morning for the first phase of the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Markets $100 million 10 year expansion plan. The new warehouse at 901 Rankin will add approximately 83,000 square feet to the market and will look very similar to Earl’s Organic building.  The expansion also includes plans to renovate four warehouses on the market.


The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market is an organization of dedicated produce and food professionals committed to being the Bay Area’s leading source of produce and produce information. The merchant base is comprised of more than 30 produce and food-related, primarily family-owned businesses, many of which have been in operation for more than 30 years. The Market has served as an incubator for many emerging small businesses, providing infrastructure and a vibrant business environment for entrepreneurs in the food and produce business.  (Source: San Francisco Market Corporation)

20131105_100014 20131105_102112

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