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Archive for June, 2011

4th of July Picnic Favorites!


Fresh-picked corn on the cob and watermelon is a 4th of July picnic favorite and Earl’s has them both!

White and bi color corn from Double D Farms in Coalinga, CA is available this week in 48ct cases for your 4th of July specials!

We are now out of the spring desert growing region for corn and have moved into the early summer Coalinga area where in a few weeks Double D will end its production and we will move onto the Central Valley area of Brentwood and Stockton. At that point we will look to smaller growers north of Sacramento but with inconsistent production. So get your corn now!

We just finished up melons from the California desert and are now kicking off watermelons from Cal-O in Lamont, CA! As the warmer climate moves north, so will the watermelons and availability will be plentiful through Labor Day. Available now are seedless and seeded bins, red and yellow seedless mini’s in 6ct cases and we also have 5/6ct sugar baby watermelons from TD Willey Farms of the central San Joaquin Valley in Madera, CA!

Get your holiday favorites and have a happy 4th of July!!!

SF Mayor Edwin M. Lee Visits Earl’s!

On June 21st 2011 the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market got a visit from San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee and District 10’s Supervisor Malia Cohen! Edwin Lee and Malia Cohen stood at the podium made of banana boxes and discussed the future plans to rebuild and remodel the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market right here at Earl’s where the reception was held! It was an exciting morning as some of us watched the speeches in our warehouse and others from our top floor sales office window, very exciting!

Slice of the Summer Bounty!

Pictured in our warehouse floor before the California map which identifies particular farms, we have a slice of the summer bounty!!! Featured in this shot are growers we are especially proud of and items currently on special this week! Burkart Peaches, Forbidden Blueberries and Tutti Frutti Heirloom Tomatoes which are just starting and Cedar Mills Cluster Tomatoes! Our summer has been late starting but as you can see product is ample and of great quality. To summer!!!

Peach – Care Tips

Peaches are much like bananas in their ripening character. While the ripening process is stopped in citrus when picked, peaches continue to ripen even after being picked from the tree. Cold temperatures can slow the ripening process of peaches, but they will continue to slowly ripen even in refrigeration.

Peaches are best picked when mature and with full color, but still firm enough to handle without damaging them, and when only a short time remains for them to finish ripening under your watchful eye. Thankfully, by this time all the sugar is already in the peach and only a little more ripening time is required to unlock its delicious flavor.

  • Look through your peaches and remove fruit that you wish to finish ripening for immediate use including any bruised or soft fruit, just like you do with bananas, apples, etc., so that they do not cause trouble for other pieces touching them.
  • Dry peaches off if wet due to condensation after coming out of refrigeration.
  • If you leave firm peaches left out at room temperature, they will finish ripening in 1-3 days. One (1) day at room temperature equals 6-7 days in your refrigerator.
  • Refrigerate your peaches (35°F to 50°F) so they do not finish ripening too fast for you. Basements, root cellars, etc., are not cool enough to slow ripening very much. Be cautious since frost-free refrigeration may remove moisture from the peaches faster than they can develop.
  • Allow 1-2 days of ripening before refrigerating for best results, then remove fruit as desired and leave out overnight or until preferred ripeness is achieved. No set of instructions works exactly the same for everyone.
  • Best results are achieved if extra care can be taken to separate individual peaches from each other, if room is available.
  • Do not store peaches in plastic bags. Plastic bags will keep moisture on or near the fruit, encouraging mold growth.
  • To peel a peach, dip in boiling water for 30 sec. Then in cold water. The peel should slide off easily.
  • To keep peaches from darkening after slicing, simply treat with orange juice or lemon juice.

What’s in Season with Earl Herrick!

Download An Organic Conversation’s latest podcast What’s in Season with Earl Herrick!!! Hear hosts Helge Hellberg and Mark Mulcahy talk with Earl and get the dirt on sweet corn, melons and cherries!!!


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