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Archive for December, 2010

Enjoy California Avocados – Eat them firm!!!

This year California had an exceptionally large crop of avocados – we call this a bumper crop.  The first California product came out of the San Diego area in February this year, and has since moved up to the Santa Barbara region, then Cayucos.  Next week we will start receiving product from our final California grower, who is located in Cambria.  We expect to get product from this region into the first week of the New Year.

The quality of the California grown avocados is extraordinary.  Although product is now available from Chile and Mexico, there is no question that the California product has superior flavor and texture.  It is at the peak of its maturity, whereas the Chilean and Mexican product has not developed the same oil content or full flavor.

However – it is very important to eat late season California grown avocados while they are firm!  Earl had an experience last week, where he had an avocado that barely gave to the touch, yet it had a creamy texture and was perfect for eating.  If you wait until they are on the softer side, the fruit will be overripe.

Next year’s crop is expected to get an early start, so we may only have a month or so gap before we get the first product of 2011 from San Diego.  However, now is the time ton enjoy fully mature, high quality avocados from California – enjoy!


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