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Burkart Stone Fruit

Now is the time to take advantage of Burkart stone fruit! Picked at optimum maturity with the highest sugar levels, Burkart stone fruit has outstanding flavor and is a real crowd pleaser! Burkart grows high-quality organic stone fruit on 65 acres near Dinuba along the northern border of Tulare County about four hours south of San Francisco. One of the advantages of working with small growers like Burkart, is that they spend extra time focusing on the quality of the stone fruit, going through their orchard and doing several picks of each variety. Many larger growers will go through the orchard two times and do a strip pick to get all the fruit as opposed to selecting fruit that is at optimum maturity for peak flavor.

Burkart Peaches 500


Beautiful red stalks of rhubarb have arrived at Earl’s signaling the beginning of spring. Often thought of as a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable.

How to buy
Look for bright red stalks which have a sweet rich flavor. The size of the stalk is not an indicator of tenderness!

Fun Fact

Rhubarb is 95% water and high in potassium and vitamin c.

Storage and Cooking
Wrap loosely in plastic and store in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Do not keep for more than a few days or it will start to dry out. Place the stalks in cold water for about an hour to refresh them before cooking.

Rhubarb is very tart and acidic and will make your mouth pucker up if you eat it out of hand. Just add honey or sugar to transform it into a delicious dessert or savory dish. We like pairing rhubarb with strawberries in a pie or making a compote to top yogurt or vanilla ice cream. My favorite recipe is a refreshing rhubarb shake topped with chopped pistachios.

Rhubarb Shake

Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges are packed with vitamin C, carotenoids and are high in potent antioxidant properties. The red flesh color varies in intensity depending on the variety, location where the trees are grown and the degree of fruit maturity. Hot days and cold nights are needed to bring out the best flavors in blood oranges. The red blush on the outside of the fruit is because of the sun and not related to the red color of the flesh. Fruit that is exposed more to the sun on one part of the tree will have more of a blush color on the skin which will become darker later in the season if left on the tree longer. Eat them out of hand, juice for a healthy beverage or invite your friends over for a cocktail party. Mix with vodka or mezcal and add a few drops of your favorite bitters. I like Polynesian Kiss from El Guapo Bitters How do you like to eat your blood oranges? #passion4organic #followtheflavor

Blood Orange Juice with an array of oranges

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Pummelos

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with beautiful large pummelos. The gold color of this large fruit symbolizes prosperity and are brought as offerings to temple altars. Pummelos are the largest fruit in the citrus family and are very popular in Asia. Pummelos can weigh up to a few pounds with shapes ranging from tear drop to round.  All pummelos have a thick but easy to peel rind but the flesh can be white or pink, sweet or sour and can have a little or a lot of seeds depending on the variety.  Pummelos are best recognized by their refreshing, clean citrus fragrance. Turn the pummelo over and smell the blossom end for a strong burst of a citrus scent unlike any other.



Puntarelle from Tutti Frutti Farms in Santa Barbara County. Puntarelle is a member of the big, beautiful, bitter family of chicories that also includes endive, escarole and all those lovely varieties of radicchio, such as Castelfranco, Verona, Treviso and Tardivo. Dress it with a simple anchovy dressing or brighten up a plain roast chicken. For an easy recipe click here: http://www.domenicacooks.com/2014/02/puntarelle-alla-romana/

Puntarelle resized



Citrus Varieties

Winter time brings a wide array of citrus varieties.  Page, Fremont, Tango and Satsumas are just a few of the delicious sweet Mandarins available now.  Blood Oranges, Star Ruby, Oro Blanco, Minneola and Cara Cara’s, the list goes on. Earl’s has all your citrus varieties!

Winter Citrus Varieties EDIT


California Navels

Navels from the Central San Joaquin Valley are best eaten out of hand. The recent cold nights have brought good color and high sugar for a very sweet orange.


Organic California Gaviota Strawberries

Organic Gaviota Strawberries grown by Rancho Don Antonio in Nipomo, California! Short day strawberries that are low acid with exceptional fruit quality and quintessential strawberry flavor.

Graviota Straws in clam

Hachiya Persimmons

Hachiya Persimmons look like an acorn. Very astringent when they are firm. Wait until they are jelly soft and scoop out the insides. Try James Beard’s amazing bread recipe. 

Hachiya seasonal eats




The outside of a pomegranate is very hard and only the inside arils which cover the seeds in a red translucent material are edible.  It may seem like a lot of work to get to the arils, but it is well worth it. Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit, score the fruit and then open it into two halves. Place the halves in a bowl of water and use your fingers to gently separate the seeds from the white, spongy membrane. The inedible white membranes will float to the top of the water and leave you all the delicious arils at the bottom. Be careful not to get the juice on your hands and clothes because it will stain.

Pomegrante (2)

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