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Organic California Gaviota Strawberries

Organic Gaviota Strawberries grown by Rancho Don Antonio in Nipomo, California! Short day strawberries that are low acid with exceptional fruit quality and quintessential strawberry flavor.

Graviota Straws in clam

Hachiya Persimmons

Hachiya Persimmons look like an acorn. Very astringent when they are firm. Wait until they are jelly soft and scoop out the insides. Try James Beard’s amazing bread recipe. 

Hachiya seasonal eats




The outside of a pomegranate is very hard and only the inside arils which cover the seeds in a red translucent material are edible.  It may seem like a lot of work to get to the arils, but it is well worth it. Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit, score the fruit and then open it into two halves. Place the halves in a bowl of water and use your fingers to gently separate the seeds from the white, spongy membrane. The inedible white membranes will float to the top of the water and leave you all the delicious arils at the bottom. Be careful not to get the juice on your hands and clothes because it will stain.

Pomegrante (2)

The Second Crop of Figs is the Sweetest

Maywood Farms organic figs are grown in Corning, about 2 hours northwest of Sacarmento. Figs love the heat and are always picked ripe. We are just past the peak of fig production and expect to have them for at least a few more weeks. Varieties include Kadota, Excel, Brown Turkey and Black Mission.


August is Peak California Tomato Season

August is peak California Tomato season! Beautiful heirloom tomatoes, early girls, mixed medley cherry tomatoes and romas are plentiful! Be sure to check out our Weekly Specials each Monday.

Ellwood Cherry Tomatoes

Tutti Frutti Heirloom Tomatoes

Now is the start of the season for Tutti Frutti’s heirloom tomatoes. For over 25 years Cadwell has specialized in beautiful streaked, striped and unique shaped heirloom tomatoes. Cherokee Purple, Marvel Stripe, Brandywine and Chocolate Stripe are just a few of the varieties now available from Earl’s Organic.  The season is just ramping up and we can expect to see more varieties as the season peaks.

Tutti Frutti Heirloom Tomatoes June 15, 2017

Burkart Stone Fruit

Sweet and juicy peaches and nectarines are arriving by the pallet every day from Burkart Orchards. Burkart grows high-quality organic stone fruit on 65 acres near Dinuba along the northern border of Tulare County about 4 hours south of San Francisco.

Richard Burkart, along with many growers, spends extra time focusing on the quality of his stone fruit. In order to ensure he is getting the ripest fruit, Richard makes several picks of each variety in the orchard to get the fruit at their optimum ripeness with the highest sugar levels for shipping.

Now is the perfect time to make a peach pie.
Burkart Peach Pie


California Cherries

California cherries season has started. The fruit is sweet with a beautiful deep red color. California has a combination of nutrient-rich soil, abundant sunshine and mild temperatures, producing sweet fruit. We expect the California season to be shorter than usual due to the heavy rains we had this spring so don’t miss out!

Cherries resized twitter design

Seasonal Eats

Beautiful red stalks of rhubarb have arrived at Earl’s signaling the beginning of spring. Often thought of as a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable that can traced back to 2700 BC in China where it was used for medicinal purposes.

Only eat the leaf stalks or petioles. This is one vegetable where you do not want to use the whole plant. The leaves can be considered poisonous due to their high levels of oxalic acid. Rhubarb PNW (1)

How to buy
Look for bright red stalks which have a sweet rich flavor. The size of the stalk is not an indicator of tenderness!

Fun Fact

Rhubarb is 95% water and high in potassium and vitamin c.

Storage and Cooking
Wrap loosely in plastic and store in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Do not keep for more than a few days or it will start to dry out. Place the stalks in cold water for about an hour to refresh them before cooking.

Seasonal Eats

Our first land of peaches of the season landed today. Earl’s is offering sweet and juicy yellow Alta Kristys out of Mexico and California Amber Crest. Peaches at the beginning of the season are clingstone which means the fruit “clings” tightly to the pit. The bottom of the peach comes to a tapered point with a cling stone peach unlike a free stone peach that has a flat bottom.

Alta Kristy First peaches of the year MX (2)

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