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Goleta Farming California Blueberries

Earl’s is now carrying Goleta Farming, a new California Grown blueberry label from Santa Barbara. This family-owned farm is just minutes away from the Pacific Ocean where they take advantage of the perfect conditions for a year-round growing season. 

Goleta Farming Blueberries (3)


Beautiful bunched red organic beets from Ellwood Canyon Farms. Don’t throw away the green tops. Chop and saute with a little olive oil and garlic and served with sliced warm beets topped with crumbled feta.

Ellwood Bunched Beets


Celery Root from Ellwood Canyon Farms

Celery root, also known as celeriac, has a knobby hairy appearance, but don’t be intimidated. It can be eaten raw or cooked and has a refreshing flavor similar to celery and parsley.  First trim off the top and bottom of the celery root so it is stable on your cutting board. Continue to cut around the rest of the root until all of the peel is gone. Now you can shred it and add it to a salad, cut it into cubes and add to soups or stews or toss the cut pieces with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them. If you are lucky enough to buy celery root with the green tops they are delicious added to soups and stocks. Celery root pictured is grown  by Jack Motter and Jeff Kramer of Ellwood Canyon Farms in Goleta, California, 10 minutes north of Santa Barbara.

Celery Root Field

California Navels

Navels from the Central San Joaquin Valley are best eaten out of hand. The recent cold nights have brought good color and high sugar for a very sweet orange.


Side Hill Citrus in Lincoln, CA, located in the Sacramento foothills, has the best Satsuma Mandarins in our opinion. Satsumas peel effortlessly, making it the perfect on the go snack for both kids and adults.  As the weather continues to get colder Satsumas are the ultimate cold buster. Eat four or five Satsumas a day to receive six to seven times as much synephrine, a natural decongestant, as other citrus. Plan to stock up in November and December because the season usually ends the beginning of January.

Satsuma tree cropped

October is Fair Trade Month

Coliman Organic Fair Trade bananas are on special all month long. Buying Fair Trade products ensures that farm workers enjoy sustainable wages, safe working conditions and improves their community by collectively investing in social and business projects such as providing health care, scholarships and leadership training.




With the recent cooler weather, this year will be better for figs than last year. 2015 ended extremely early with no fruit in September and October. This year there is still lots of green fruit on the tree and Bob Steinacher from Maywood Farms expects slower production through September and into a good part of October. 

Read about Susan, Earl’s Marketing Manager, tour of Maywood farms here. 

Bob Steinacher, Maywood Farms and Susan Simitz, Marketing Manager, Earl's Organic

Bob Steinacher, Maywood Farms and Susan Simitz, Marketing Manager, Earl’s Organic

Rider and Sons Jonagold Apple Is Simply The Best

The best tasting Jonagold apple is back from 5th generation orchardists, Rider and Sons. Located in Watsonville along the Central Coast of California, Rider and Sons is the only California grower we know that picks the Jonagold apple at its optimum maturity and flavor. The best tasting Jonagold will have developed a beautiful golden background before it is picked. This means it has been on the tree longer and has more flavor.

Jonagold (7)


Burkart Stone Fruit

Richard Burkart makes several picks of each stone fruit variety in the orchard to get the fruit at their optimum ripeness with the highest sugar levels for shipping. Burkart Organics is located in Dinuba, CA, along the northern border of Tulare County about 4 hours south of San Francisco.


Burkart Organics

Las Hermanas Exclusive Partnership

We are excited and proud to announce that Earl’s Organic Produce will be the exclusive distributor of the Las Hermanas label. “This multi-generational organic family farm has been built on quality, consistency and the commitment it takes to grow and ship exceptional produce to market. We are looking forward to continuing to develop and grow this relationship with a long-term partnership,” says Robert Lichtenberg, Director of Purchasing at Earl’s Organic.

Read the full story here.

Las Hermanas photo

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