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Traceland California Avocados at Earl’s!

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Just when you thought the California avocado season was done, Earl’s has the most delicious tasting late season California avocados from Traceland in Cayucos.  They will only be around for another week so get them now.

Traceland is located near the ocean on the central coast and about 20 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo where the unique geography and climate allows year round growing conditions without high heat or killing frosts.  Cayucos sits in a small area of coastal land defined by the Santa Lucia mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The ocean cools the hot summers and warms the cold winters.  The land is bisected at various places along its length by wild creeks that flow unimpeded from the coast range to the ocean providing the copious amounts of water avocado trees need to fruit.    

Ron, Gail and their twin sons moved to Cayucos in 1998 from Chicago.  In 2005 they planted their 6 acre avocado orchard with a goal to grow organic avocados as sustainably as possible.  The avocado trees are planted on natural slopes and not man made terraces, which affects the drainage.  He also puts down composted manures, organic minerals and wood chip mulches to fertilize the trees.  Cover crops of native grasses are used to produce natural nitrogen, honey bees are used for fruit production and predator insects for biological disease control.  Weeds are pulled by hand and they even trap gophers by hand.

Traceland is also unique because they hand pick all of the avocados and deliver them to Earl’s within 24 hours of picking! The flavor is very creamy and rich in oil content this late in the season.

Mexican avocados are starting to be found in markets everywhere but it is good to note that they won’t be high in flavor until at least super bowl time at the end of January.  Earl’s also works with a few other growers in the Cayucos area including 7th Heaven and Charan Springs.  Charan Springs avocados are also now at Earls. Keep eating California while you can!

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