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The Tomato Harvest Is Ramping Up

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The tomato harvest is continuing to ramp up, and the hoop houses are producing some exquisite fruit.

As the hoop houses begin to fade away, production will turn to the plants in Los Olivos.  This field was planted in three sections, with three different plant dates for tomatoes.  The earliest wave was planted in the highest ground in hopes of avoiding any potential late frosts (as the cool air would sink to the lower parts of the field).  These plants are just overloaded with flowers, and many are producing fruits.  The second planting was planted about 4 weeks after the first one, but is catching up fast!  Since these tomatoes were planted when the temperatures were warmer, they will produce fruit in a shorter amount of time than the first planting.  There are tons of flowers on these plants, and even some with tiny fruits.  The third planting just went in this past week, and should be ready for harvest towards the end of August.

Los Olivos

Here you can see the tomatoes are being sorted by variety and ripeness.  Though all the tomatoes are picked when they are ripe, some are further along in the process and need to be sold or eaten first.

Look in your stores for Tutti Frutti heirloom tomatoes like these!  (If I don’t eat them first…)

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