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Sweet Plump Strawberries

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It’s finally happening! Strawberries are transitioning from Mexico to California.  The weather has been great and in the produce business we say the heat has done its job.  The south and central coast of California are ideal growing environments because the Pacific Ocean provides the region with a moderate year round temperature of warm days and cool foggy nights, maximizing the berry’s production of sugar and vitamin C.  Strawberries are now moving from Baja up to Orange County, Oxnard and Santa Barbara.  Watsonville and Salinas are just starting and their mild temperatures will supply most of the summertime strawberries.

Soon the supply of strawberries in your local market will be overflowing.  Don’t forget to always buy organic strawberries.  Strawberries are on the top of the dirty dozen list because they have been found to contain nearly 60 different pesticides.

Strawberries are perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch, coming up next Sunday May 13th, or just eat them out of hand.  The recent warm weather has compelled me to make the perfect strawberry shake.  I slice up about 1 cup of strawberries, add a little sugar if the berries are still a bit tart and freeze for an hour.  The frozen strawberries act like ice without diluting your shake.  Add the strawberries, ½ pint of strawberry or vanilla ice cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and ½ cup of milk to a blender, sip and enjoy!

For more recipes check out http://www.californiastrawberries.com/

Strawberry Shake

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