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Starkrimson Pear- Sweet and Floral

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Starkrimson pears are named for their brilliant crimson red  
color. They have smooth skin with a pale off-white flesh, a thick stem and their shape is similar to a Bartlett. Biting into a ripe Starkrimson fills your taste buds with amazing sweet and juicy flavors with a floral undertone.  Like a Bartlett pear the skin changes color as it ripens.  The color changes from a deep crimson to a more brilliant red and the skin becomes thinner and more delicate.  All pears need to ripen at room temperature so only refrigerate them when you are trying to slow the ripening process.

Starkrimson’s are considered an early summer pear because they are harvested beginning in August and are available through January. You can find them across the United States, but more orchards in California, Washington and Oregon are growing them commercially. Starkrimson pears were discovered in the early 1950’s in Missouri as a branch of red pears on a tree that typically produced green pears. In 1956, Starks Brothers Nursery patented this variety and began selling trees for commercial production.

This beautiful crimson pear is perfect to accent a salad, on a cheese and fruit platter to give it a pop of color or fill a bowl as a centerpiece.

Starkrimson Pear Cinnamon Cake recipe

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