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Sorrento Lemons

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Luscious Sorrento lemons have a medium thick fragrant skin with a slight acidic flavor. Sorrento Lemons are originally from Sorrento, a small town in Campania located in Southern Italy where they are a highly prized lemon used in making the famous Limoncello.  About 60% of the Sorrento Lemons grown are reserved for making Limoncello and it is the most popular fresh lemon in Italy.   Sorrento Lemons were so highly regarded that at the turn of the twentieth century they were sold individually and could only be handled by women who had to have trimmed nails and wear cotton gloves to handle them.

Sorrento Lemons are harvested year round with a peak season from spring to late fall.  Earl’s just received our first shipment last night from Rancho Del Sol, located in Jamul, California in San Diego County.  This lemon grows particularly well on steep and sloped terraces, perfectly suited to the terrain of Rancho del Sol where the greatest number of organic Sorrento lemon trees can be found growing outside of Italy.  Sorrento lemon groves help the environment by preserving the stability of the soil.

In Earl’s kitchen we sliced one and the lemon color reminded me of spring right around the corner.  There were a few seeds but not many and the flavor was perfectly tart.  Sorrentos are very high in vitamin C and are great for making simple syrup, liqueors, lemonade, desserts and they go great with savory dishes and salads. I definitely see some Limoncello or Sorrento Lemon Pie in my future.



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