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Satsumas in this week!

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Satsuma mandarins are one of our favorite citrus varieties at Earl’s. Each October we start counting down the days until they show up in our warehouse. Satsumas are a small, easy to peel, seedless, bright orange fruit. They have a delicious sweet, sprightly flavor and are packed with Vitamin C. Satsumas come into season each November, and are available through late January or early February.
Satsumas essentially herald the citrus season in California. They are typically the first type of citrus to appear on the market. While you may also see navel oranges available in the next week or so, the first navels are merely a shadow of what they are later in the season, when the fruit is more mature. The early season navels that become available in November hardly represent the juicy, sweet fruit that many associate with this citrus variety. Nonetheless, navels usually begin shipping before the Thanksgiving holiday. We suggest using navels to enhance your holiday table displays, but to hold off on eating them until mid/late December when the quality improves.
It’s no coincidence that when we are on the threshold of a seasonal change, and entering the cold season, various citrus varieties emerge to help us build up our defense. Satsumas in particular, pack a big jolt of synephrine, a natural antihistamine that relieves cold and allergy symptoms. This makes them nature’s perfect gift for staying healthy in the winter months.
At Earl’s Organic Produce we get most of our satsumas from Side Hill Citrus in Lincoln, California. Rich Fererra, the owner of Side Hill, is a 4th generation family farmer in Placer County. In 1975, he bought the original 17 acre ranch with only 100 Satsuma mandarin orange trees. Today Side Hill Citrus has grown to 48 acres and over 2,000 Satsuma mandarin orange trees. When harvesting his Satsuma mandarins, Rich will go through his orchard up to 10 times to pick the best pieces of fruit. He color hand picks each piece, resulting in a full color, highly flavored, sweet piece of fruit going to market.
Check out his website for more information, and get ready to enjoy Satsuma season!

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