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Celebrating the 4th Of July On The Safeway Float

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Earl’s Organic, representing Tutti Frutti Farms in Lompoc, CA,  helped Safeway celebrate Independence Day at the Danville 4thof July Parade.  Susan Simitz from Earl’s was joined by her family.  The parade lasted over 2 hours, had over 130 entrants and an estimated whopping 30,000 people attended.

Norman, Susan, Carolyn, Lauren, Carole and Miles Simitz

Safeway Floats

Safeway had a huge turnout of growers and employees for their two floats.  The first float celebrated local growers from California and was decorated with a bountiful display of fresh produce in crates including peaches, grapes, colorful bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, artichokes and watermelons.  At least 5 growers were represented on the local grower float.  The majority of the crowd was waving the U.S. flag and broke into smiles when they saw the beautiful display of fruits and vegetables surrounding the float.  Many children were dressed in red, white and blue and were the most excited by the crate of strawberries on the float “Look at those strawberries Mom!!” was heard yelled out by many children.

Safeway local growers float

The second float had two Lucerne cows on board with the Safeway “Ingredients for Life” sign as a backdrop.  There were 2 dancers on either side of the floats dancing to music sung live by one of the Lucerne float members. A group of Safeway employees pushed Safeway carts next to the floats and handed out water to the crowd to help them get through the 90 degree weather a little easier.

Safeway Lucerne float

Everyone on the floats had a great time waving to the crowds and it was fun to see so many people excited about celebrating Independence Day and about the Safeway floats.  A group of us walked back to our cars and were able to enjoy seeing the rest of the parade along the way. What a great way to spend the 4thof July!

Lauren, Carole, Carolyn, Miles, Susan and Mark Simitz


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