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Rich and sweet figs

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The second and sweetest crop of figs arrives now at the end of summer and early fall. Figs are picked ripe and do not ripen once they are off the tree.  Although there are hundreds of varieties of figs, the most popular are the Adriatic, Black Mission, Kadota and Brown Turkey. Figs have a rich and sugary interior and are intensely enjoyable.  Try figs out of your hand, in a salad or grilled.

Adriatic’s have a light green skin with a dark pink flesh and its high sugar content makes it great for fig bars. Black Mission figs range from a deep purple to a dark black with a mild sweet flavor.  Kadota figs have a thick green skin, amber flesh and are almost seedless.  Brown Turkey figs range in color from a brown to copper and have a very fragrant flavor.

Figs are very high in fiber and a ¼ cup of figs provides 20% of the recommended daily value.  Figs also have no fat, sodium or cholesterol.   California fig growers produce 100 percent of the USA’s dried figs and 98 percent of fresh figs.  Figs bruise very easily and will stay fresh once they are ripe in the refrigerator for about 2 days. Maywood Farms in Corning, CA and Susie Bee farms from Chowchilla, in the central Joaquin Valley, bring you some of the best organic figs.

The unusual and special Candystripe figs can be found from Capay Valley in Yolo County. They are a pale green with light stripes. They are only in season for about 3 weeks a year. We will have a very limited supply available only through the week of September 12th.

The season to try them is now so check out your local farmers market or fine retailers near you.

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