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More on Citrus – Clementines are here!

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Although valencias are commonly referred to as a summertime orange, production can begin as early as March and carry through to the New Year.  Valencias’ large window of availability is mostly attributed to multiple growing regions that produce at different times throughout the year.  We expect to see them through December.

We have already introduced the satsuma mandarin – these are eating well, and quite balanced for the first fruit of the year.  Quality and flavor will only get better as the harvest continues, and sugar levels become higher.  Earl has already beaten cold symptoms once thanks to their high concentration of synephrine!  Product is currently coming from Lincoln, CA and Yolo County, CA.

Clementines are the next variety of citrus appearing in our warehouse.  This intensely sweet mandarin variety is much loved, like the Satsuma.  It is a small to medium sized fruit, with a rich, aromatic flavor.  They are very juicy, and have a bright red-orange color skin.  Seediness varies depending on whether a pollinizer is nearby.  Easy to peel, and extremely tasty, we’re very excited to have them in house – but be sure to get them while you can!  They are usually only available for about 4 weeks.  They are currently coming from Kingsburg, approximately 20 miles Southeast of Fresno.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing information about different varieties of citrus as they continue to emerge.  Stay tuned for info on Kinnow, Page, Fairchild, Dancy, Daisy, Cara Cara, Bloods, and more.  We will also comment on production in Arizona, Texas, Florida as well as it comes on the scene.

In the meantime, get your doses of locally produced Vitamin C!

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