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Mexican Freeze 2011

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The widespread freezing temperatures in the south western desert growing regions continues to affect the availability of product.  This very large swath of cold temperatures has impacted the region from California’s Coachella Valley down into Northern Mexico and the Yuma ValleyNogales temperatures were in the low teens last Thursday and Friday nights.  Northwest Mexico has not experienced weather such as this in more than 55 years!  Hard freeze conditions were recorded (below 28 degrees for 3+ hours) in many areas.  Young seedlings and plants are especially vulnerable in these conditions.   The effects of this late season freeze will continue to impact yields and quality.  What will be affected most significantly this coming week?  Zucchini, Cucumbers, Bulk Spring Mix and  Baby Spinach.  Expect some frost burn on Lettuces and prices of  Mexican Vegetables to be higher and more limited across the board. 

Why not concentrate on our delicious Local Asparagus which thrives in cooler temperatures and rain instead?   New crop potatoes have also started arriving, take advantage of their fresh dug flavor.   Price of Cucumbers got you down?  Go ahead and substitute with our Euro Cucumbers from Tricar, the price will remain steady as well as the supply.  On the fruit front, we continue to have excellent apples from Cuyama that are California Grown and still eating very well.  Grapefruit has been the consistent star of the citrus scene thus far with Ruby’s in steady supply.  Have you tried our Blueberries yet?  We’ve got an excellent deal on Awe Sum Blueberries from Chile, stock up!   We’re also proud to showcase Forbidden Fruit’s Blueberries out of Lompoc, CA.  These highbrush blueberries are available in the off season when California Berries tend to be scarce.  They are large, firm and delicious!  Market these local delights to your customers and watch them fly off the shelves!

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