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Melons In Spring

You may be wondering why you are starting to see so many melons in the store when it is only April.  A variety of melons are coming out of Mexico now and we will continue to see them until the domestic melons start up around mid to late May coming from the Imperial Valley in Southern California.  Earl’s is currently carrying the following delicious melons.

The Charentais is a small melon with smooth, hard light green skin.  It is similar to a cantaloupe with deep orange flesh and a smooth, sweet flavor. When ripe, it smells like a tropical fruit and should be enjoyed right away because it has a short shelf life.

Crenshaw Melons are a variety of muskmelon and a cross between the Casaba melon and the Persian melon. They are most easily defined by their teardrop shape with a yellow and green rough skin.  The peach colored flesh is sweet and a little spicy and the skin turns golden yellow at the peak of ripeness. Crenshaws can weigh up to 8-10 pounds. The skin will have a slightly waxy feel when the melon is ripe.


The Honeydew has a smooth, firm pale colored skin that surrounds sweet, pale green flesh.  Round to oval and somewhat larger than a cantaloupe, the skin turns from green to white to yellow as it matures.  As the honeydew ripens, its skin transforms from very hard and smooth to a velvety texture and often develops a slight stickiness.  If the blossom end yields to gentle pressure, the melon is ready to eat.  Honeydew melons range in weight from four to eight pounds.   Honeydew melons are a hardy winter melon with a long shelf life.


The Seedless Watermelons have the green skin and juicy sweet flesh of the common watermelon.  Although not completely seedless, they have small white seeds that most people consider edible.

Sugar Baby Watermelons have a tough rind with distinct stripes when immature, becoming almost black when ripe. The flesh is red and sweet and the watermelons can grow up to 8 inches in diameter.

All types of Watermelons should be firm, evenly-shaped, heavy for its size and have a deep-pitched tone when slapped with an open palm.  Yellow on one side of the melon is where the fruit contacted the ground and does not affect quality.

Honeydew melons are on special this week at Earls!

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