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Historic Low Winter Temperatures


We are expecting historic low temperatures this week in the California desert and Northern Mexico. We expect there will be damage to wet and warm weather vegetables.  We will not know the full extent until next week. Supply size will continue to be tight and prices will be based on supply and demand.  Expect prices to remain high.

One thing to remember is that during the winter the entire United States is pulling vegetables from the same area which limits the quantities available. The reality is that it is winter and the weather affects not only the regions where produce can be grown but the quantity and quality of what is available.  We don’t know where it is going but we are doing our best to mitigate this unfortunate weather related situation. Keep checking back for updates!

If you missed our posting last week about the cold weather here it is again.

We are just passing through the shortest days of the year which means less sun, slowing down the growth of everything. It has been very cold in the California desert with morning frosts which makes it hard to harvest early in the morning because plants can be damaged severely before they thaw out. Most of the wet vegetable items that are grown in the desert can take quite low temperatures and will recover even when frozen.

This translates to short harvest days and leads to light volumes and high prices. We can expect to see dramatically higher prices for lettuce, spinach and green onions next week with broccoli, cauliflower and other leafy greens to follow.

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