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Forbidden Blueberries are back!

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If you have ever tried Forbidden Fruit Orchards blueberries from Earl’s you know they are packed with flavor.  The good news is that today we received our first shipment of the year of plump, sweet Forbidden blueberries!  Over the years Earl’s has had Forbidden blueberries as early as March but the reality is that blueberries are completely dependent on the weather. According to Sandi Davis, the grower, “it was a very cold winter and the blueberries were very late in ripening. The blueberries didn’t get enough heat to ripen up and we barely had enough fruit in March and April to bring to the local farmers market.”

Forbidden Fruit Orchards is located in Lompoc, CA and Sandi has been growing blueberries since 2002.  She now has over 14,000 blueberry bushes on her 6 acre property.  She protects her blueberries from birds by growing them in hoop houses covered with nets. Her farm is located about 15 miles from the ocean in Pinot Noir country in Northern Santa Barbara County. The soil is very sandy providing excellent drainage and the ability to grow just about anything.  Every year the supply and volume is different so don’t miss out while Earl’s has them. Historically Forbidden Fruit will be done shipping blueberries to Earl’s by the 4th of July.

Forbidden Fruit Orchards has a new label this year.  The orchard trees at the top, the fresh and clean design and the bright colors were designed to bring people closer to the farm to table concept and to express the intense flavor of the blueberries. Forbidden Fruit will also be launching a new redesigned website this July complete with weekly blogs about blueberries and what is going on in the world of blueberries. We will be sure to update you when the launch is official. In the meantime toss some Forbidden blueberries on your yogurt, mix them in smoothie or pop a handful in your mouth as is. The flavor can’t be beat!




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