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February Blueberry Update

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What can you expect when you go shopping for blueberries this February? We can expect to see Chilean blueberries through the end of March with sizes decreasing from 6oz packs to 4.4 oz packs. The weather has not presented any particular challenges on the import blues this season but we have seen a decrease in overall volume due to the Chilean grape vine moth. The biggest challenge has been strikes at the ports which can delay the fruit from being released resulting in erratic and irregular arrivals.

California blueberries have started up in Southern California, think Oxnard. Temperatures have been in the low 80’s and blueberries love that heat! We expect supply to increase.

Forbidden blueberries located in Lompoc, CA are a favorite of Earl’s Organic and their outstanding flavor will keep you coming back for more.  Sandy, the grower, is expecting the 80 degree weather this week to help bring on the fruit. She lost 1/3 of her plants to the hard freeze on New Year’s Eve. The cold weather pushed the plants back into flowering again and now she is playing catch up. All of her plants are flowering now and we can expect to see her fruit in about a month or so. In order to keep up with the demand for her blueberries Sandy is planning on planting another 2 ½ acres of blueberries this fall.

Don’t miss Earl this weekend on An Organic Conversation as he gives a “What’s In Season” blueberry update. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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