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Extreme Heat Wave Hits California

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A heat wave continues to sweep through California this week with temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees in many growing regions.  Some summer fruits such as watermelon, tomatoes and melons like the heat but if it gets past 110 degrees for an extended period of time, the plants become stressed, interrupting its production cycle and preventing necessary nutrients from reaching the plant. Hot days not only affect the food we eat but the people harvesting our food. Workers are being sent home before noon because it is too hot to be in the field picking.  Hot days and less hours to pick will affect supply and quality across various commodities.

Watermelons out of Bakersfield will be tight, sweet baby broccoli is limited, heirlooms and cherry tomatoes out of Yolo County are slowly trickling in but expected to ramp up next week when the weather begins to cool down a bit. Expect to see a little sunburn on some lettuce varieties. Romaine and butter will show the worst damage with browning around the top of the leaves. Stone Fruit grower Richard Burkart from Burkart Organics walked his orchards this morning and noticed that the yellow nectarines he planned on picking had stopped ripening. The outlandish heat of 108 degrees has caused the trees to shut down due to the extreme heat as a survival/preservation response. He hasn’t seen an event like this in years. He does expect to pick over the weekend when the temps go down a bit. Stay tuned for updates.


Spring Bright Burkart Yellow Nectarines (1)

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