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Earl’s Organic Highlights

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The California navel season is winding down and we are in the last month or so. Late season Washington Navels from Tomorrow’s Organic out of Edison, near Bakersfield, CA will have outstanding flavor for the next 2 weeks.  The Washington variety was the first navel imported into the United States from Brazil in 1870. Don’t miss out this extra sweet and juicy fruit!


Fuji apples are still coming out of Washington. Newly released from Controlled Atmosphere rooms(CA) these delicious Fujis were just packed on Monday. Only the best quality apples are chosen to be stored in CA rooms so you can expect good color and flavor.  Domestic supply is winding down and prices will reflect that. We can expect import apples to start up in May.



Fair Trade peaches from Divine Flavor in Mexico will be arriving at the end of next week. This will be the best tasting peach south of the border!  We expect the season to go through April, just in time for our local stone fruit deal with Burkart Organics to start up.

Sweet Fair Trade mini seedless watermelon from Divine Flavor in Mexico will also be arriving next week following by full sized watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe. The season will go through April.

California grapes are only a month away!  Grapes come in three colors-red, green and black. The season starts out of the Coachella Valley, near Palm Springs and the Salton Sea, with early varieties such as the red flame, fireball and green sugarone. California grapes are available for most of the calendar year and can be found through January. There will still be some Mexican grapes on the scene as California starts up. We will be evaluating the flavor and deciding if we want to be part of that deal.

Flame cropped

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