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Earl’s Is Now a San Francisco Certified Green Business

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Earl’s Organic Produce is the first wholesale produce distributor to become a San Francisco Certified Green Business. Becoming a Certified Green Business requires complying with over 65 stringent environmental standards and completing numerous government inspections.

Earl’s chose to become Green Business Certified as a way to push us to achieve even higher environmental standards and to demonstrate our commitment to operating a minimally impactful facility.

Earl’s began the process of green business certification in November, 2014 and became certified in November 2015. We are very proud to join a community of committed businesses in the City working collectively towards San Francisco’s long term environmental sustainability goals.

Some significant achievements that took place this year included: 

  • Eliminating the use of all non-essential toxic or hazardous materials from our facility- using only non-toxic cleaning chemicals that are SF approved or Green Seal Certified.
  • Purchasing 100% recycled non-printing related paper products such as toilet tissues and paper towels.
  • Retrofitting all office and warehouse lighting to LEDs and installing occupancy sensors to reduce energy consumption by 24%.
  • Replacing all our refrigeration fan units with energy efficient alternatives to reduce energy consumption by 18%.
  • Installing low flow faucet aerators to improve water use efficiency.
  • Establishing commuter benefits for our bicyclist employees.


Some of our other ongoing environmental sustainability projects and programs include:

  • Recycling non-traditional items such as batteries, pens, film plastic, temperature recorders, pallets, and nitrile gloves.
  • Using only reusable flatware and dishes.
  • Having a thorough waste management program, a 97% diversion rate, and a goal of zero waste by 2020.
  • Using route optimization software to reduce vehicle miles traveled.
  • Having an interdepartmental sustainability committee.
  • Using recycled printer paper.
  • Purchasing compostable and recycled/recyclable office supplies whenever possible.
  • Only purchasing organic accouterments for our kitchen.
  • Offering commuter benefits to our employees using public transportation.
  • And much more!


Some exciting things that we have in store for the next year include:

  • Greening our IT infrastructure
  • Purchasing 100% renewable energy
  • Developing our sustainability training program and internal employee engagement program
  • Expanding the breadth of our community engagement


We look forward to connecting with businesses and individuals over a shared passion for sustainability at EcoFarm in January!

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For questions regarding Earl’s sustainability program please contact Kat Vining at katherinev@earlsorganic.com


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