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Coliman Organic Fair Trade Banana April Celebration

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Join us in celebrating Coliman Organic Fair Trade bananas with specials throughout the month of April. Earl’s Organic Produce has the only organic banana ripening facility on the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market, giving us complete control over our bananas from the grower to the shelves of your local retail store. Our warehouse has 3 banana ripening rooms that allow us to provide consistent ripening and quality to specific customer needs.


Earl’s Organic is a banana house. Pallets of Organic Fair Trade Coliman bananas arriving on Earl’s dock.

Through our exclusive relationship with Mexican banana grower, Coliman Organic we bring you the freshest, highest quality bananas direct from the farm. Coliman Organic is a family run, environmentally conscious company, with over 50 years of experience growing bananas in the Colima area of Western Mexico.  We look forward to sharing the story of Coliman’s Fair Trade Certification and how the Fair Trade premium has changed the lives of the farm workers and their families.

Banana update:

The banana plants are still recovering from hurricane Patricia which wiped out a large portion of Coliman’s crop in Colima, Mexico last October.  Additionally new plantings made at that time that are now in the first stage of their production. Both of those circumstances mean that a larger amount of smaller hands are being produced while the fruit continues to mature.

We expect to see the situation improve next week with a greater percentage of larger hands in each box.  We’ve gotten through the worst percentage of small fruit and things are looking good from here on out.

We thank you for your continued support of our banana program. Even though in the winter months Mexico produces smaller fruit in their off season, we like to support our grower year round. Importing fruit from South America can be problematic with inconsistencies in quality and supply line.

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