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Cameo Apple

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The Cameo Apple is a newer variety that has been grown since 1988.  When Darrel Caudle from Dryden, WA planted a new apple tree in his orchard, he noticed that the apples were striped red with a cream background instead of the solid color he was expecting.  Today all Cameo trees are descended from Darrel’s seedling, which is still producing fruit in his hillside orchard.

Cameo apples are grown almost exclusively in Washington. The hot, dry days, cool nights and pure mountain water produce apples with extraordinary sweet and tart flavor with a lot of crunch.  Cameo apples are known for their beautiful red color and their thin tender skin.

The growing season begins around March with a small fragrant apple blossom that turns into a pink flower blossom around the first part of May.  As the maturing apple grows the flower blossom will fall off.  Cameo’s are harvested around October when the fruit is at its peak flavor and color has developed. Since apples don’t all ripen at once, this can involve three or four hand pickings.

Cameo apples are dense enough to keep their shape during cooking and because the skins are so thin they don’t need to be peeled.  They are also perfect for snacking on anytime.


Try Cameo’s in a Mocha-Apple Cake with Browned Butter Frosting


Photo courtesy of Produce Oasis




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