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California Season Continues with Traceland Avocados

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Lucky for us the California season goes on a little longer. Earl’s just received beautiful California avocados from Traceland in Cayucos, CA.  Ron and Gail have been growing organic avocados since 2005.  They hand pick all of the avocados and deliver them to Earl’s within 24 hours of picking!


Cayucos is located near the ocean on the central coast and about 20 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo where the unique geography and climate allows year round growing conditions without high heat or killing frosts. Cayucos sits in a small area of coastal land defined by the Santa Lucia Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The ocean cools the hot summers and warms the cold winters.  The land is bisected at various places along its length by wild creeks that flow unimpeded from the coast range to the ocean providing the copious amounts of water avocado trees need to fruit.

We anticipate avocados from Traceland going through December. Remember that a California avocado will be very mature, high in oil and needs to be eaten firm. Mexican avocados are now starting to show up in your grocery store. Buyer beware! Mexican avocados are the first of the season and will eat differently. They will not be as flavorful as a California avocado and can ripen unevenly. For the full story click here.

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