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California Blueberries in October!

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Yes it’s true, Earl’s will receive a shipment of California grown Forbidden Orchard blueberries this Friday.  Sandi Davis the grower says “They are just starting to come into season again. As long as the weather holds, the volume will keep increasing. If we get a heat wave we get a lot of fruit.” Blueberries are completely weather dependent. If the warm weather stays Sandi will have fruit. Warm Santa Ana winds are predicted for this weekend which will ripen the fruit. Each year is completely different but she is anticipating she will have blueberries through at least October and hopefully longer. The weather patterns have been very odd this year so she just doesn’t know.

Forbidden Fruit Orchards is located in Lompoc, CA and Sandi has been growing blueberries since 2002.  She now has over 14,000 blueberry bushes on her 6 acre property.  She protects her blueberries from birds by growing them in hoop houses covered with nets. Her farm is located about 15 miles from the ocean in Pinot Noir country in Northern Santa Barbara County. The soil is very sandy providing excellent drainage and the ability to grow just about anything.

Stay tuned for updates on blueberries for the rest of the year.


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