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California Apples

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Cuyama Orchards are located in a remote mountainous area surrounded by the Los Padres National forest within Santa Barbara County. The mineral rich soil in high elevation areas helps to grow more flavorful apples. Apple trees also need a certain number of dormant hours or chill hours in order to produce a bountiful and quality harvest. Cool nights, warm days and an abundant native water supply produce sweet, crunchy and juicy organic apples at Cuyama Orchards.

Howard Albano from Cuyama Orchards along with his wife Jean and their son Byron are in charge of all growing, picking, packing and marketing of their 265 organic certified acres. Enjoy fresh, local Gala apples from Cuyama farms now through the end of October. Gala apples are an early season apple with a bright, crisp, sweet flavor. They are a cross between a Kidd’s Orange Red and a Golden Delicious. The color ranges from light red in a young Gala to a deep red in a mature Gala. Flavors are best when recently picked.

Chill hours

Everyone knows the Fuji apple, but there are many varieties. The Standard Fuji sets the benchmark for the Fuji we know and love.  The Early Fuji, also known as Beni Shogun, is a hybrid closest to the Standard Fuji. Anticipate its arrival from Cuyama Orchards September 25th, and sticking around for about a month. Worth waiting for is the Standard Fuji arriving October 25th and available for about 5-7 months. Cuyama Orchards is one of the few farms still growing the original Standard Fuji. There are many hybrid Standard Fuji’s out there that don’t have the highly cultivated flavor of the original. The Standard Fuji is a cross between the American apples, Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. In the 1930’s the Japanese spent years selecting the best Fuji apple for taste. They were hard to grow, harvested late and the color was hard to develop. Cuyama Orchard uses wood from their own orchards to propagate one of the best Standard Fuji apples on the market.


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