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Ben In The Boonies

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Ben Block, one of Earl’s employees who works in operations left today to spend the next few months living and working on Tutti Frutti farm located  in Buellton near the banks of the Santa Ynez River and fifteen miles inland from the Pacific coast.  In 1988, Chris Cadwell founded Tutti Frutti Farm and turned his passion for gardening into a career as an organic farmer. He specializes in heirloom tomatoes, varietal cherry tomatoes, peppers and summer and winter squash on a 350 acre CCOF certified farm.

Ben is the first employee Earl has sponsored to experience life on a farm and to work intimately with one of our growers.  Earl encourages his employees to express areas they are interested in learning about and he is passionate about helping them develop their career path.  We can look forward to Ben’s blogs about life on the farm over the next few months.  I interviewed Ben before he left on his journey about his reasons for wanting to work on a farm, his expectations and what he wanted to take away from the experience.

“I am motivated to spend some time working on a farm in order to get a more complete picture of the food distribution system including how weather and field conditions on the farm affect the food we eat.  I am interested in life on the farm and am eager to get a glimpse of how fields are planned and planted.  Having recently graduated and moved to a new city, I am in a transitional phase in my life.  Going into this process, I am not quite sure what to expect.  I anticipate there will be moments of being tired, of being bored, and of wanting to go home.  I also anticipate that working on the land will give me some sort of primordial satisfaction, of being in touch with nature and the processes of life.”

Continue to follow Ben through postings on our website, Facebook and Twitter as he shares his journey as an unseasoned farmer in uncharted territory.

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