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Bay Cities Produce Tour

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Earl’s Organic recently visited Bay Cities Produce in San Leandro for a tour of their 55,000 square foot facility.  Bay Cities Produce is a family owned and operated produce distributor and processor that have been in business for over 60 years.  They specialize in the distribution and processing of gourmet foods for the fresh food industry in the bay area and beyond.

We were very impressed with Bay Cities commitment to producing the absolute highest quality organic pre-cut produce.   Earl’s currently buys assorted organic prepared vegetables to sell to delis and kitchens in leading retailers throughout the bay area.

Bay Cities Produce number one priority is to promote Food Safety, starting with the farms.  Bay Cities has sponsored 17 small local organic farms in the past few years, offering them support and helping them develop a food safety program.

The importance of food safety continues as the produce is received at temperature controlled docks and checked for quality, color and flavor profile including brix(sugar) levels.   Once passing inspection the produce is moved into coolers set at 38 degrees.

Now the produce is ready to be cleaned, cut and packaged in a 40 degree room, maintaining the cold chain throughout the entire process.  First, all produce is washed in the wash line and all melons are done separately on their own wash line.  As the produce goes through the wash, the water is sampled every 2 hours and tested at an on-site lab for any pathogens.  If there are any issues at all, the produce is destroyed.

Cleanliness is very important.  All prep surfaces in the room are cleaned and sanitized before and after every new product and the entire room is cleaned and sanitized a total of 4x per day.  Once the product is cut and packaged the night shift employees pull the orders and load them on refrigerated trucks to be delivered all over the bay area. Check out Bay Cities Produce Facebook page.

Earl’s Organic is working on an exciting new product with Bay Cities Produce. Stay tuned for updates!

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