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Ataulfo Mangos

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Ataulfo mangos are easy to spot with their vibrant yellow golden color and small kidney shape.  The fantastic flavor and absence of stringy fibers are what make this mango so delicious. The flesh is very sweet and creamy with a smooth texture and the pit is very thin which means more delicious fruit to eat.  As the Ataulfo becomes ripe the skin turns a deep golden color and begins to wrinkle.  Ataulfos are ready to eat when the skin yields to slight pressure.  They can be left at room temperature until they are ready to eat. Do not store below 45 degrees because the cold can discolor the flesh.  We do not recommend storing them in the refrigerator because the average temperature is around 38 degrees.

Ataulfo Cut ataulfo

Ataulfos are also known as Honey, Manila, Yellow, Baby and Champagne mangos.  They are grown in tropical areas all over the world but the Atualfos sold in the United States are primarily from Mexico.  The season starts in March in the Southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  Towards the end of April, production moves north to the state of Michoacan and continues through mid-May.  Next it moves north to the state of Nayarit from mid-May through June.  Production wraps up in the state of Sinaloa from June to early September depending on the weather.  The heaviest months for production are June and July but the flavor is outstanding right now!

Mangos are much easier to cut than you may have thought.  Here is a quick youtube video showing an easy technique that can be applied to any type of mango. Mangos are great in salads, smoothies or out of hand. Please share your favorite mango recipes with us on our Facebook wall.


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