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5 Pound Boxes of Side Hill Citrus Satsumas Are Here!

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We just received the personal sized 5 pound boxes of Side Hill Citrus Satsuma Mandarins in Lincoln, CA. Grown just north of Sacramento, the smaller Satsumas are a little harder to peel but we feel they are sweeter! They are the perfect size to give as a gift and there is no need to wrap. The stylish boxes can be given on their own or with a simple bow on top.  Or keep it for yourself.  I like to juice my Satsumas for smoothies and cocktails. Try infusing the peels in a bottle of organic vodka for 7-10 days and then mix with Satusma juice.  My personal favorite winter cocktail is to juice a few Satsumas for a clove scented Side Car.

Side Hill Satsuma 5# box (4)

A 2008 U.S. Department of Agriculture study said Satsumas have six to seven times as much synephrine, a natural decongestant, as other citrus. Four or five Satsumas have enough synephrine to equal the effect of a Sudafed tablet, the study said. Satsumas are also naturally low in calories and a single fruit contains 34 percent of the USDA daily recommendation for vitamin C.

Side Hill satsumas cropped

So whether you are eating your Satusmas for health reasons or holiday party reasons we encourage you to enjoy Side Hill Citrus Satsumas until the season is over. Depending on the weather the season could go through December.

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