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Earl’s Organic Produce Buyer’s Notes September 22nd

Pomegrantes have started up with Smith, Foothill and early Wonderful varieties. Abate Fetel Pears from California are now in season.  Production is limited so enjoy them while you can! The first McIntosh from British Columbia have arrived! Read the full update below.

Kiwi Berries- Pop and Go Snack!

It is Kiwi Berry time again! The season is very short, end of September through the beginning of October, so you don’t want to miss out. Kiwi berries are a member of the Actinidia genus family, the same as a regular kiwi and have been described as a cousin of the kiwi we all know.  Kiwi berries are also known by the name hardy kiwi, artic kiwi or baby kiwi. They taste exactly like a kiwi but they are about the size of a grape, fuzzless, with edible seeds and you just pop them whole into your mouth. Like kiwis, they are acidic until ripe


Kiwi berries are native to China, Korea, and Russian Siberia, much like the kiwifruit.  It is a fast-growing, hardy, perennial vine, in need of a frost-free season of 150 days. Each vine can grow up to 20 feet in a single season! Because of their seasonal requirements, they are well suited for areas of the North East and North West, and in fact, have become somewhat of an invasive weed in certain areas because of their rapid growth. Earl’s kiwi berries are now coming out of Wilsonville, Oregon about 30 minutes south of Portland. In October they will transition south to Oakland, Oregon about an hour south of Eugene.

Kiwi Berries are a nutritional powerhouse and a healthy food source containing over 20 nutrients. Each 6 oz portion contains twice the amount of Vitamin E of an avocado but with only 60% of the calories, 5 times the Vitamin C of an orange and more potassium than bananas.  Kiwi Berries are also high in fiber and rich in folic acid.


Kiwis Berries are picked hard and ripened off the vine. They ripen at room temperature and are ready to eat when the skin turns a darker green, wrinkles and gently yields to touch. Similar to a kiwi they will be slightly acidic until ripe when they will be very sweet. You can store them in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks but I doubt that will last that long.

Kiwi Berries can be used in a variety of ways, from being preserved as jam to being used as a marinade (kiwi berries are an excellent meat tenderizer). Try them in a salad, on a tart or cake, muddle them in a cocktail or just pop them in your mouth as a delicious sweet snack!

Caviar Limes

Caviar Limes also known as Finger Limes, have juice vesicles that pop out like caviar when the finger lime is gently squeezed. They have a burst of effervescent tangy lime flavor! They are delicious on top of raw oysters, added to seafood, mixed into guacamole , mixed into the glaze for a lemon cake and really shine in cocktails. Caviar Limes are perfect anywhere you want to add acid!

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes September 15, 2019

Don’t miss Caviar Limes- they pop like caviar when gently squeezed. The effervescent tangy lime flavor adds the perfect burst of acid to cocktails, desserts, seafood and more! Concord Seeded Grapes from Heinke in Paradise, CA are here. They taste like grape jelly and make an amazing sorbet. Kiwi Berries, your favorite pop in your mouth snack are coming this week! Download the pdf.

California Keitt Mango

The California Keitt mango season is finally here!  This unique domestic mango does not have to travel far and is left on the tree until it has developed a high level of maturity and sweet flavor. Organic California Keitts are grown in the Coachella Valley, which runs for about 45 miles in Riverside County from Palm Springs to the northern part of the Salton Sea.

California Keitt mangoes are super juicy and sweet with almost no stringy fibers and a small pit which means more fruit to eat. Deemed as one of the best tasting mangos by many people, this domestic tropical fruit is impressive in both its strikingly large size and beautiful green color. One bite of the delicious smooth flesh and you will be back for more! Don’t shy away from these green mangos because Keitts stay green even when ripe.

Keitts are also extra special because they are not subjected to the stress of a hot water bath, as most imported mangos are, contributing to a delicious eating experience.  Almost all imported mangos are hot water treated to eliminate fruit flies and fruit fly larvae. The mangoes are put into hot water bath (115-118 F) anywhere from 90-120 minutes.

Ripening Tips

*Don’t be deterred by the Keitt’s green skin which stays green even when ripe. 

*Ripen your mangos up on your counter at room temperature. Mangos do not like the cold and can develop chill damage if stored in the refrigerator.

*You will know they are ready to eat when they yield slightly to gentle pressure.

The season is very short and lasts only about 4-6 weeks. This California grown tropical fruit is not to be missed!

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes September 8, 2019

Coming soon! Kiwi Berries, Wine grape varieties Grenache, Carignane and Columbard, California Jicama and Parsnips! Download our weekly buyers notes.

Salsa Fresca con Papaloquelite Recipe

Recipe by Antonieta Solorzano Earl’s Organic Purchasing & Logistics Assistant

Papalo from La Granjita Organica in Salinas Valley is an ancient Mexican herb with similar uses as Cilantro. It has been described by some as somewhere between arugula, cilantro and the culinary herb rue(characteristically bitter); others say it tastes like a mixture of nasturtium flowers, lime, and cilantro.  If you are a cilantro aficionado, this is a must! It can be used in soups, stews and salsas. It’s also known as Quilquiña, Yerba Porosa, Killi, Papaloquelite and broadleaf in English.

  • Papaloquelite – Cut into small fine strips
  • Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato
  • Jalapeños – Finely minced & deseeded
  • Serrano – finely minced & deseeded
  • Red Onion – finely minced
  • Add Sea Salt to taste
  • Add Black Pepper to taste

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes September 1, 2019

The late season Keitt mango was first introduced into Australia in 1979. Today they are one of the only non-heat treated mango varieties grown organically in California. The egg shaped fruit has a bright green skin and golden-orange flesh. Firm fleshed an California keitt mangos have finally arrived.  The harvest is a few weeks later than last year but the fruit set on the trees looks good and supplies should last through September.

La Granjita Organica Watermelon Gherkin Agua Fresca Recipe

Victor and Veronica from La Granjita served this refreshing drink to Earl’s Organic on their farm tour. Antonieta Solorzano, Purchasing & Logistics Assistant put her personal touch on the recipe. Enjoy!

To make 1 large pitcher of 56oz use:

  • 6x8oz – Watermelon Gherkins
  • 56oz of cold water
  • Juice from 3 Limes – or more if you like J
  • Add sugar to taste

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes August 25, 2019

New tropical fruit from Swift Sub-Tropicals. Grown in a coastal canyon in Los Osos near San Luis Obispo, where the climate is perfect for these tropical fruits. Passionfruit– When choosing passion fruit, look for one that feels heavy and is purple or yellow in color. The skin may be smooth or wrinkly. The more wrinkled the skin, the riper the fruit. Kiwano Horned Fruit- Kiwano connoisseurs describe the flavor of the slimy green interior as a cross between cucumber, zucchini, and kiwifruit (though as it ripens, it tastes more like a banana).

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