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Archive for February, 2020

Nagami Kumquats

One of my favorite fruits this winter is the versatile tiny Kumquat.  It is unique in its size, averaging about an inch long and in its flavor, where the sweetness comes from the rind instead of the flesh You don’t have to peel them and they are small enough to pop in your mouth.  I also love to slice them up and mix them in a salad, salsa or a smoothie.

The oval shaped Nagami is the most commonly sold with a sweet rind and very tart flesh.  You are in for a powerful sensory experience as the ZING of the sourness hits your taste buds and your mouth puckers up.

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes February 2, 2020

Thank you to Covilli Brand OrganicsEqual Exchange and Fair Trade USA for joining us at EcoFarm 2020 to share what Fair Trade certification means, stories about the growers and the huge impact the Fair Trade premium has made not only in the lives of the farm workers but their families and communities. Fair Trade empowers workers! 100% of Covilli’s organic vegetables are Fair Trade Certified. Learn more about Covilli’s Fair Trade projects using the Fair Trade Premium http://bit.ly/covilliftcommunityprojects

Download the Buyer’s Notes PDF here http://bit.ly/buyersnotesfeb22020

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