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Archive for August, 2019

La Granjita Organica Watermelon Gherkin Agua Fresca Recipe

Victor and Veronica from La Granjita served this refreshing drink to Earl’s Organic on their farm tour. Antonieta Solorzano, Purchasing & Logistics Assistant put her personal touch on the recipe. Enjoy!

To make 1 large pitcher of 56oz use:

  • 6x8oz – Watermelon Gherkins
  • 56oz of cold water
  • Juice from 3 Limes – or more if you like J
  • Add sugar to taste

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes August 25, 2019

New tropical fruit from Swift Sub-Tropicals. Grown in a coastal canyon in Los Osos near San Luis Obispo, where the climate is perfect for these tropical fruits. Passionfruit– When choosing passion fruit, look for one that feels heavy and is purple or yellow in color. The skin may be smooth or wrinkly. The more wrinkled the skin, the riper the fruit. Kiwano Horned Fruit- Kiwano connoisseurs describe the flavor of the slimy green interior as a cross between cucumber, zucchini, and kiwifruit (though as it ripens, it tastes more like a banana).

The Second Crop of Figs is the Sweetest

Maywood Farms organic figs are grown in Corning, about 2 hours northwest of Sacramento. Figs love the heat and are always picked ripe. Varieties include Kadota, Adriatic, Brown Turkey and Black Mission. 


Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes August 18, 2019

NEW! Papalo from La Granjita Farm in Salinas Valley.

Papalo is an ancient Mexican herb with similar uses as Cilantro. It has been described by some as somewhere between arugula, cilantro and the culinary herb rue(characteristically bitter); others say it tastes like a mixture of nasturtium flowers, lime, and cilantro.  If you are a cilantro aficionado, this is a must! It can be used in soups, stews and salsas. It’s also known as Quilquiña, Yerba Porosa, Killi, Papaloquelite and broadleaf in English.

Download Buyer’s Notes PDF

Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes August 11, 2019

NEW- Maywood Figs from Corning! The second and sweeter crop of Black Mission, Brown Turkey and Kadota are here.  Take a peak into their orchards and packing house. RVO Magenta Dragonfruit just landed. What a wonder luminescent purple and refreshing lightly sweet flavor. Gravenstein Apples from Solano Gold in Sebastopol. Did you know the Gravenstein is on the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste?

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