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Archive for February, 2016

SF Wholesale Produce Market Volunteer Opportunity for Marketing, Branding & Communications

About the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market

The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market (SFWPM or “Market”) is one of the largest, multi-tenanted produce wholesale and distribution facility in the US and span over 20 acres, including 485,000 square feet of warehouse and logistics space. The Market provides critical food infrastructure and services to wholesale and distribution businesses that store, aggregate, and distribute fresh produce to businesses across the Bay Area.

The mission of the San Francisco Market Corporation is to link the produce and food communities of SF and beyond, through the successful operation and development of the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market.

James Beard Culinary Lab tour of the SF Produce Market with Michael Janis, Manager of the SFPM

Michael Janis, General Manager of the SF Produce Market, leads members of the James Beard Foundation on a night tour.

The vision of the San Francisco Market Corporation is to make the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market a vibrant, thriving and sustainable food center.

It is an exciting time at the Market; we have embarked on a multi-year Reinvestment Project to upgrade and expand our facility. The first phase of the Reinvestment Project included the transition of the Market to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the construction of an 82,000 sq ft LEED-Gold warehouse. As we are investing and planning for the future of the Market, we are looking to improve and expand our marketing, branding, and communication efforts.

More information is available at www.sfproduce.org. For further description of the history of SFWPM and our vision for the future, check out “SFWPM Past and Future” .

The SFWPM’s Board committee on Marketing, Branding, and Communications will be composed of Merchants at the Market, current members of the Board of Directors, as well as other qualified volunteers. The committee aims to achieve the following goals:
1) Become experts on current and past marketing/outreach activities of Merchants on the Market as well as the Market overall, and understand existing opportunities and needs in the areas of marketing, branding, and communications
2) Learn about marketing, branding, and communications activities of other similar Markets and what does / does not work for them and why
3) Make recommendations to the San Francisco Market Corporation’s Board of Directors about potential goals, strategy and approach for marketing, branding, and communications for the Market
4) Recommend action plans for implementation to the Board related to marketing, branding, and communications
5) Under oversight of the Board, support implementation of the action plans

Committee Chair or Co-chair
 Conduct outreach to potential Committee members
 Finalize agendas and run Committee meetings
 Share responsibilities as listed below for committee members
Committee Member
(including Merchant representatives)
 Attend regularly scheduled Committee meetings
 Provide insight at meetings and in follow-on work
 Complete tasks committed to in Committee meetings
Other Merchants on the Market
 Provide input to Committee as requested
 Provide feedback on Committee outputs
 Potentially serve on Committee or sub-committees
Staff support for Committee
 Schedule meetings and communicate about logistical details
 Prepare and distribute materials prior to meetings
 Support Committee chair(s) as needed and help with agendas for Committee meetings
 Support implementation of marketing/outreach and branding plans

We are seeking 7 – 10 committee members that feel confident they will be able to successfully execute against the goals of the Committee and that have the following:
 Expertise in marketing, branding, and/or communications
 Experience or interest in food and agriculture

We are asking for committee members to make a one year commitment. We anticipate that the Committee will meet monthly but this might fluctuate depending on priorities and timeline.

Service on SFWPM’s committees is a volunteer position without remuneration.

If interested, please contact Michael Janis, General Manager, at 415-550-4495 or mjanis@sfproduce.org

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